My parents were in town for my birthday, so of course my mom and I had to hit a pet store! I don’t think I’ve ever shown you Pet Supplies Plus before so I thought I would vlog and give you a little tour of the store.

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20 thoughts on “PET SUPPLIES PLUS

  1. i love these kinds of videos! especially when your the one filming them :)) you’ve definitely inspired me to start my youtube channel soon! 😊

  2. those are better than pet smart or pet co because theyget there animimules from bad breeders

  3. I currently work for pet supplies plus and was actually gonna ask for a store tour of your local psp and was super excited to see you do one!

  4. GURLLLL. I STUMBLED ACROSS ONE OF UR VIDS. AND. I. LOVVVEEEEE. UUUUUU. SOOOOO. MUCHHHH.😂💕💕u make me super happy when I’m feeling down and I really hope u see this. Byeeeeeee😂💞

  5. Our local PSP treats small animals/reptiles like garbage. I worked there for a short time and had to quit for ethical reasons. They were feeding Crested geckos baby food. They had expired UV lights. Their leopard gecko had mouth rot. They left a mouse that had been attacked in the tank, and I had to remove him and put him in quarantine. Other mice had torn an eye out. The small animals’ cages hadn’t been cleaned in so long the poop and food molded. All their reptiles had stuck shed, and the uromastyx was neurotically scratching at the walls because her enclosure was SO small. I talked to all 4 managers and the owner, and no one cared. So I quit.

  6. My pet supplies plus store is the best my managers and co-workers are so cool and are really knowledgeable about all animals, ours is pretty small compared to that one too

  7. I wished you a happy birthday on twitter but I’m gonna say it again here. Happy birthday!! I’m old too lol

  8. The good thing about the pet stores here where i live is the a cages where the pets stay are open at the top do you can touch and interact with them instead of calling an person to unlovk everytime 😌😌

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