By the power of Mcdonalds wifi I got this up! Just a chilled vlog at home decorating the pet room, organizing all my pet supplies and training the rats! I hope you all have a good christmas and I’ll see you after the holidays! 🎅

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20 thoughts on “ORGANIZE PET SUPPLIES WITH ME! | Vlogmas 6

  1. Sorry! Emi! I came up with the name Badger and then I started watching your channel and found out you rat is named Badger. So don’t kill me if you see I use that name!

  2. I know you haven’t completely figured it out yet but when you do could you show the recipe for your rat food. By the way tell your rats I said they are awesome.

  3. I've been searching everywhere for those "spider web" like bowls!! Anyone know where I can find some? I've only been able to find ones with actual little spiders on them and they creep me out 😂

  4. Merry Christmas!
    How do you do it so that your boys don’t pee everywhere!? Right now I let my boys be on my kitchen table (that I have put carton on so they won’t fall) so I can scrub it afterwards.

  5. all of the rat cuteness here makes me want rats even more!!!! one day i hope to get rats and name them all after cheeses (two specifically that i want are a fawn named cheddar and a hooded named asiago, if there's a third i'll just have to come up with one!!)
    whats the best gender matchup between 3 in your opinion??

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