Automotive engineering is about the design, manufacturing, and operation of cars, motorcycles, trucks, and other automobiles. Within automotive engineering there are a variety of sub disciplines including safety, performance, vehicle dynamics, fuel economy, cost, manufacturing, and more.

For those who want to go into automotive engineering, note that most colleges don’t offer it as a major in terms of undergrad. The most common major for people to begin with is actually mechanical engineering. Then after you get your bachelor’s you either go into the workforce in the automotive industry, or pursue further education specifically in automotive engineering.

While in school you will want to get as much exposure to the field by joining clubs like the society of automotive engineers so you can participate in various competitions. This will give you something to put on your resume and get you that hands on experience that is so valuable for your career.

One big area of research at the moment is self driving cars. This is where you’ll see much more than just mechanical engineering working on these vehicles. People from all disciplines including electrical engineers, computer engineers, materials engineers, computer scientists, and more are needed for these projects. However, there are more areas of research that are briefly mentioned in the video beyond self driving cars.


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20 thoughts on “Automotive Engineering | Careers and Where to Begin

  1. Which one should I go for mechanical engineer or automotive engineering?,I want to honestly manufacture things on a car I just want hands on work.Can someone please reply!!!

  2. 4:42 yes but that will be a problem because with that you are going to have calibration and to calibrate you are going to need a flat surface and that might be hard to find and i can already see people upset because they feel the bumps because they didn't calibrate the car correctly and they will end up paying because they took it to the shop to have it looked at

  3. If you would take this course, would you take the classes a mechanical engineer does, such as thermodynamics, and others?

  4. Hi guys I'm a girl just registered motor mechanical engineering is it related to automotive I really love this video & considering automotive.But I'm also scared about my career path since the world is evolving I also want to fit in when electric cars becomes a common thing

  5. What if I want to pursue a career in a racing factory such as Redbull, career as mechanical engineering in F1 or Moto GP? What major should I pick?

  6. Dear All Cars Automotive to all Country's , Please do a Super bike to Prove a Engine with meet cars Technology on Moto GP Racing computation . Now The Time must do also Diesel Super Bike With Turbo To Superbike from cars Automotive technology to Super-bike Motorcycle with all CC .. Please

  7. I love cars so much.. And self driving cars is not really interesting to me.. driving is my fav thing to do!!

  8. can you tell me which subjects are necessary for automotive engineering after 12th class . now m doing my 12th class with physics,chemistry, math subjects. because i want to go canada .and which is more valueable collage or university in canada.

  9. Does having an Automotive Technician Certification help with having a BS in Mechanical Engineering? I'm considering getting the certification after I finish my BS next year.

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