This video demonstrates how to construct a simple sound synthesizer using inexpensive electronic components. Support for this project including a circuit diagram can be found at
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20 thoughts on “Sound and Electronics

  1. amazing… how a little stuffs with electricity potential in them, when arranged in such a way, could generated a phenomenon that's called sound. btw, what actually really happened in each of the electronic component? a complex process? or a simple one?

  2. Exellant job Sir, ….and you're great guy. Very clear….I'm sending u my regards from Bahrain..Thank you very much. Indeed..šŸ‘ following you.

  3. I want to build a sound generator with a 50 khz ultrasonic frequency. What should be the value of c1 and/or r2 to have a 50 khz output?

  4. I just did a similar project this with capacitors, resistors and transistors to oscillate then added the Speaker. Does the 555 enable us to leave out the transistors ?

  5. How would I go about controlling the pitch with a small amount of variable voltage? Like the voltage used to drive a meter on a Geiger counter.

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