This is my experience back in 2013 when I witnessed my dads electronic equipment coming to life and dancing around during a DMT breakthrough

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9 thoughts on “Electronics Coming To LIFE On DMT!?

  1. I had a very similar experience when my bathroom supplies vibrated love to me lol while on dmt. Combs, tooth brushes, bottles, the sink, you get the idea. They turned into super cute versions of themselves and came alive with joy. And I appeared like a fairy in my reflection.

  2. This reminds me of a time I was doing mushrooms with a couple friends and watching the movie 2001 space Odyssey, we were watching it off a laptop that my friend had brought and it was sat next to my computer that was off at the time.
    During the scene that Hal is being disconnected and he is begging Dave not to kill him I took a hit of nitrous oxide and I felt that in that moment Hal stopped being a soulless ai and I saw this spiked aura reach out of the screen as if hal was desperately trying to live on as it reached across it touched my computer and it turned on to a bright orange screen with the loading circle and no text, something I’ve never seen before or since. We all saw it happen and it turned back off after the scene ended.
    I’ve always felt that in intense psychedelic experiences technology most definitely comes alive or we just become aware of its liveness.
    Fascinating video!

  3. Had a similar experience once while smoking DMT in my car. The lights and edges started multiplying and stellilating. Then started moving around like some kind of deep sea bioluminescent lifeforms.

  4. So I smoked dmt and the room turns green.
    Also you know those pattern you get on the rug when you are tripping on shrooms? Well the patterns came alive and started to build them selfs into a tower that was 3D. Also like a huge 3D box made out of the pattens that you see in the rug when you are tripping.I Hope that make sense.

  5. Completely unrelated to the video but how clear are your CEVs? I've only experienced very foggy CEVs on Mushrooms and was too afriad to close my eyes during my dmt experience lol.

  6. i can remember one time i stopped smoking i always get insomnia but when i did sleep i had really vivid weird dreams for a week or so .

  7. You're a cool guy. I really enjoy these videos. I'm just so fascinated by DMT/Ayahuasca. I still haven't had the opportunity to experience it, but I've done so much research about it, and it's mind boggling. I'm pretty sure, it's actually calling me, by me coming across these videos, and such. When I do actually smoke this compound, I'm definitely giving my report on my experience. Thanks for doing these reports, because they're really helpful. Much love, my brother.

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