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In this Video we Diagnose a Mazda with a dead misfire.
I take you thru all steps to diagnose this problem.
I also introduce the Electude software a great and affordable way to gain automotive knowledge.
In this video i also put the Ditex Carscope i-Tester to the test.

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I hope you enjoy this Video!
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20 thoughts on “A misfire and how to gain Automotive knowledge

  1. xD xD XD the only way to fix those Euro cars, Dan….NO SHIRT REQUIRED hahaha!That educational simulation software is so cool…maybe I will try to get the high score 😉

  2. Eveday day i am wathing your videos, soooooooooo professional. Witch country are yoj living pleeeaaaasz

  3. Good job son should have fill the radiator and look or listen for bubbles of leaking into the eater kacket into the radiator …or take out the spark plug on 2 and 4 cylinder for the leak …..anyway great job

  4. I dont think the compression order is random? Looks like its in the firing order? 1342, first cyl has good compression, next cyl 3 is dead and that makes rpm go up, thats why cyl 4 shows more compression?

  5. Great explonation. Good Video.
    BTW. Just when you start starter you can hear compression problem. You can use normal osciloscope to conform that.

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